Such Ease.

More than a clothing brand. Such Ease empowers young people and works with real people in their campaigns. For them, true beauty is just being yourself.


How do you show the world that you are also socially committed and inspiring as an urban clothing brand? Such Ease sought our help to correctly translate their unique story to the world and o establish a consistent communication strategy.

brand story

We are creating community, empowering young people, and offering an answer to the profit mentality in the fashion industry. Sometimes your brand story is evident to you, but you find it hard to communicate.

Thanks to a candid strategic workshop, we were able to see the inspiration behind Such Ease and help them communicate it to the outside world.


Brand archetypes are crucial in drawing up your communication and marketing strategies. What are your brand values? What type of customer is naturally attracted to your brand? Once you know your archetype, it is easier to achieve a deeper emotional connection with your target audience. Once you have mastered that, strong brand loyalty quickly follows!

Such Ease is a soldier brand at heart. They want to make the world a better place, love to challenge people, and are always determined. They attract people who want to be the best version of themselves. Those values, feelings, and those brand attributes must be consistently put into all communications.

Visual identity.

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We Support The Bold.
The Brave.
The Challengers.
The Underdogs.
We Support The Bold.
The Brave.
The Challengers.