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Run To Progress

Addict, a local sports store, has spent 20 years feeding the Antwerp community's addiction to running. It was the brainchild of Patrick and was one of the first city sports stores in the area. Armed with two stores and a team of running enthusiasts, Addict has been a cornerstone in Antwerp’s athletic scene, fueling its passion for the sport.


Despite their established presence and passionate team, Addict grappled with articulating what sets them apart from the competition. With a strong desire to refresh their brand image and broaden their appeal to younger audiences, Addict sought out an agency that could drive their brand evolution.


During our research and workshop we discovered that Addict's distinct edge lies in its specialization as a running store, driven by an enthusiastic team that knows running inside and out. They've curated a product selection that eschews the mainstream, focusing on innovative brands not found in general sports stores, and gives runners an edge in their performance.

The store is not just a place to purchase gear; it's a hub for athletes to craft their own style with a comfortable and fashionable athleisure range. Having established itself in Antwerp for over 20 years, Addict has become synonymous with dedication to the sport of running.

Their team comprises dedicated runners who continually dive into new product trends and innovations. Addict doesn't just sell products - they enable personal growth, offering a tailored approach to help runners reach their goals with customized equipment and coaching programs.

We distilled this essence into the tagline "Run to Progress". Progress is the core of what Addict stands for - be it in running, personal growth, or their own journey as a brand. Addict is for the runners who strive to improve, evolve, and achieve their goals, mirroring Addict's own ethos.

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Brand identity

As a part of the brand evolution, we modernized Addict's visual identity. Maintaining references to the original logo, the new design integrates a sporty vibe with a more contemporary blue shade and streamlined lines. Despite the modernization, the identity retains a touch of familiarity for their existing customer base, ensuring a smooth transition.

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Our proprietary association tool highlighted the inherent power that resonates with the brand name "Addict". Recognizing this strength, we carefully calibrated our design approach to balance it with a lighter, more approachable identity, thus preventing it from coming off as overly dominant or intimidating.

During the design phase, we experimented with several variations, assessing their ability to spark the desired associations. The result was a well-balanced identity that seamlessly fused the minimalistic design elements with bold typography and vibrant colors, reflecting the brand's progressive ethos.

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The outcome

Addict is now poised with a revitalized identity that will ensure its relevance for years to come. With clear messaging that articulates their unique value propositions, Addict has a robust foundation to communicate effectively with their customers. Future steps include refurbishing the interior of the stores and upgrading the webshop.

Through these transformative efforts, Addict has positioned itself for growth, clearly demonstrating why we are the agency of choice for brands looking to modernize, redefine, and reach new heights.