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Are you an SME looking for high-quality branding advice to take your business to new heights? Good news! At Boil, we offer our services through KMO Portefeuille Grant System of Vlaio.

What does this mean? By using the KMO Portefeuille Grant System of Vlaio, you can receive up to 30% subsidy for branding and GoToMarket advice. This means you get access to our expertise in brand strategy at a reduced rate.

What brand advice is eligible? Think of positioning or repositioning your B2B or B2C brand, detailed market analyses, determining an effective brand strategy, and developing a strategic go-to-market plan. With our guidance, you can stay ahead of your competitors.

How does the advisory process work?

The process is simple. As an accredited service provider, we register our project in KMO Portefeuille. Then, as an SME, you can receive up to 30% subsidy of the costs, making high-quality branding advice more affordable than ever before. You can find all the information on the Vlaio website.

Who can benefit from our branding advice via KMO Portefeuille?

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can receive subsidies for branding advice from accredited service providers through the KMO Portefeuille of VLAIO. Small enterprises receive a subsidy of 30% up to a maximum of €7,500 per year, while medium-sized enterprises receive a subsidy of 20%, also up to a maximum of €7,500 per year. However, non-profit organizations (vzw's) cannot use the KMO Portefeuille.

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