Challenging Shallow Connections.

A while ago, we were approached by three forward-thinking brothers with a mission to bring back togetherness and celebrate the things that matter most. Together, we turned their vision into a new category idea we named "Gratitude Prints" and renamed the company from Pinjo to YUMI. We then created a new logo, visual identity, and marketing material to bring their mission to life.


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Challenger narrative

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From Vision to Validation

We started by articulating their vision in the brand manifesto, with a strong belief statement: “People deserve to have a deeper connection with the people they care about”, and mission statement “Help our generation share their emotions so they feel more connected.” and baseline: “Moments of gratitude”

We then implemented this vision in their brand identity with a red and human-inspired visual identity, minimalistic design, and a focus on togetherness.

We validated our brand direction through an association AI engine and EEG-validated methodology to ensure the right associations were evoked.

yumi ai generated image
yumi ai generated image

A Successful Rebranding Journey

The transformation of Pinjo into YUMI has been a resounding success, with the results being nothing short of promising. Our branding efforts have positioned YUMI as a daring, unambiguous, and visionary gratitude printing and sharing app for those seeking personal growth and self-improvement.

Our work on the logo, visual identity, website, and marketing materials has allowed YUMI to stand out in a competitive market and move closer towards its goal of spreading gratitude and making the world a kinder, more compassionate place. By empowering people to express gratitude in a unique and personal way, YUMI is making a difference, one act of gratitude at a time.

Yumi case imageYumi case image
Yumi case image
Yumi case image
Yumi case imageYumi case image
Yumi case image
Yumi case imageYumi case image
Yumi case image



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