Moss breaks with the traditional way of building and furnishing and consciously opts for uniqueness and circularity. Their vision? Everyone is entitled to a personalized interior and their own style, but how do you make this accessible and ecological?

Moss is the ultimate lego of interior design and works with a modular approach. This way, everyone can personalize existing interior elements and create a unique look and feel. Hack your home. Ground-breaking and super cool, right? We thought so too!


Moss is creating a new standard by being unique and accessible, and ecological. They break with the old way of doing things and think differently. More freedom and creativity. An exciting branding for an innovative brand. We determined the proper brand positioning and target audiences together with an on-point naming, baseline, and appropriate corporate identity.



It offers more creativity and freedom than the umpteenth piece of Ikea furniture, without the 'impressive' cost of unique customization and with sustainable materials and a circular product approach. That is precisely how Moss positions itself as a brand.


Moss is aimed at young people who want a unique interior that suits their personality, but who come up against the limitations of the current building methods. Creative souls who also want to contribute to a better future with their interior. No disposable culture, but choosing for up-and recycling.

(Interior) architectural firms are also an ideal target group for Moss. Architects can easily offer more clients a unique and sustainable home thanks to their modular approach. This is a form of creating custom work whose cost price and planning are easy to predict. Unique design without worries.


The name of your brand immediately communicates who you are. So it has to be 'bang on' straight away. We chose Moss because it instantly clarifies that it is about minimal design, with a nod to the Swedish interior style. The name radiates quality and, at the same time, refers to natural and sustainable materials.

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