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Jarderi is the new name of Disco VG, a retail store selling premium outdoor furniture.  Jarderi offers a trendy collection for a fair price, in a personal setting, giving the best possible client service.

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Disco G.V. has been a familiy business for decades. Their business grew from purely an interior focussed brand to also offering  outdoor furniture. As this department grew, the familiy decided to rebrand the outdoor division.

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The basis of the brand story evolves around customer intimicy. As the founders are personally committed to making client happy., the brand story had to express this personal committment. Jarderi helps clients to reimagine their gardens, match it with trendy products and installs everything as soon as possible.

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We created the name Jarderi and designed a concept spreading a fresh and natural summer vibe. A light colour palette, the use a minimal font, surrounded with ample white spaces emphasizes the youngness of heart of the brand Jarderi.

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