Replace your lenses quickly, efficiently, and safely while keeping your own frames. Thanks to Glazoo's online service, everyone can quickly see the world a little more clearly again.

Glazoo's online service

Glazoo was ready for a re-branding. A precise positioning, catchy design, targeted marketing, and, last but not least, a brand identity that inspires confidence. After all, Glazoo's image should dispel doubts among customers and market their service as reliable and straightforward.


At Boil®, we always start with an intensive strategy workshop to know our clients and their challenges. This was also the case with Glazoo. Thanks to the workshop, we were able to determine a suitable strategy, and, in combination with thorough market research, we were able to position Glazoo ideally in the market.


The challenge for Glazoo was to create a design that would appeal to a broad target audience. We therefore consciously opted for warm colors with sleek designs. The result? An accessible house style that appeals to both young and old and where ease of use comes first.


Stationery MockupBusiness Card DesignGlasses Case DesignGlasses Case DesignNotepad Design by Boil Agency


As a fresh start-up, Glazoo needed more brand awareness. We provided targeted marketing on social media while also launching displays on various websites.

Glazoo wanted to communicate the essence concisely and powerfully. They replace spectacle lenses, but they are not a classic optician. That's why we came up with a powerful baseline that makes it immediately clear to everyone what it's all about.


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