The delicious takeaway to nibble on in the sunshine on the Eilandje, the Scheldekaaien (docks), or just at home on the couch? At Felix Food Klub, everyone can find cozy food-sharing concepts, unique craft beers, natural wines, and spicy cocktails!


Felix Food Klub has been an established name in Antwerp and far beyond. After the long 'COVID induced silence,' partners in food Tom and Ivo wanted to refresh their online presence. They wanted to combine this with the long-awaiting opening of their Food Klub terrace, which had to be decorated entirely in their summer house style.

We pimped their social media, made videos to highlight culinary partners, and also took care of the art direction and visualization of their food court.

Change of
food makes
you eat

In 2021 diversity is king and your palette will know it! In addition to the usual conviviality, Oklahoma BBQ, and Vietnamese street food from Banh Mi, you can also go to Felix Food Klub for a tasty piece of Middle Eastern food.

Inspiring partners trump and the world should know it too! After the grand opening of the food court, a new partner joined every week. To put this online in the picture, Boil made short intro videos for each new partner to make everyone's mouths water.

Respect for
the past

In a time when large refrigerators were as scarce as traffic-free days on the Antwerp ring road, there was naturally a great demand for long-life food. The Sint-Felix Pakhuis (19th century) offered solace: they specialized in various preservation methods including pickling, drying, and fermentation.

Felix Food Klub pays homage to the past by drying and pickling fresh salmon completely in-house. Quite impressive stuff, so we were happy to capture it on film to show the rest of the world!

Art direction
& visualisation

We helped them provide their festival site with the necessary dose of summer vibes because a real food club requires a good amount of color and sunshine! We took care of the decoration of the terrace, the menu boards, the signs, the artwork, the Instagram wall...

Bánh Mì Express



Pois Chiche

Social media &

Of course, we also did design work for Felix Food Klub. We took care of their social media and gave everything a fresh summer look. Our in-house photographer went along to the festival site several times to create more cohesion to shoot atmospheric images. Social media & photography These images were used as promotional and marketing material for social media. Mission accomplished!

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