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A Challenger Approach
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Effective Journeys

Every webpage serves as a crucial milestone in the digital customer journey. It could commence with a glimpse of a social media or search ad, or stem from a genuine need where an individual is actively seeking a solution. Your website must be primed to seize every visitor and cater to their needs adeptly, aligning with their position in the marketing funnel.

Effective Journeys at Boil

Content-First Design

At Boil, we're firm believers that crafting a compelling website begins with weaving a captivating narrative. Instead of diving straight into the design proces, we first unravel your brand story. What sets you apart? Why makes you different? We map out all the content, filling any gaps along the way. The end result? A panoramic view of your brand story.

Content-first design at Boil

Super-fast, SEO-proof

The ultimate long-term investment for any challenger lies in cultivating organic reach. This entails crafting a website architecture that revolves around pivotal keywords while ensuring top-notch technical optimization for search engines. By targeting each landing page to match the visitor's intent, we create an environment where every visitor feels they've landed in the right spot.

Super-fast and SEO proof at Boil

Seamless E-commerce

We understand the importance of delivering a seamless e-commerce experience that delights customers at every touchpoint. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and platforms like Shopify, we empower businesses to establish and grow their online presence effortlessly. From intuitive navigation to secure payment gateways, we craft every aspect of your e-commerce platform to optimize conversions.

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Do you have the challenger mindset?

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Dream Big, Dare Boldly

Got grand aspirations and a taste for risk-taking? Perfect! If you're eager to defy conventions, make an impact, and snatch a bigger piece of the market pie, you're just the client we love working with.

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Be Different, all-the-way

You know a good product or service won't cut it in today's saturated market. You're after a standout brand and message that speaks to your customers – not just to your own preferences and opinions.

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Embrace Digital Growth

Settling for stage one? No way! You're primed to elevate your brand and prove your mettle to industry giants – growing smarter and harnessing the full force of digital to make it happen.

The Right Web Design
Process for Challengers

We've streamlined our web design process into these clear-cut phases.

The scoping phase
Intake Workshop
Understanding your brand’s heartbeat and the requirements for the new website.

Scope Analysis
Mapping out the scope of the project based on your digital needs.

Budget & timeline
A detailled budget and clear milestones based on the scope.
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The story phase
Sitemap Creation
Drafting a precise sitemap, like a game of digital Tetris.

User Journey Planning
Plotting seamless user journeys with strategic foresight.

Content Strategy
Aligning content and structure for clear messaging
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The design phase
Design Concept
Bringing the visual identity to life, creating a brand universe that perfectly aligns
with your challenger mindset.

UX/UI Design
Tailoring the user experience to be as smooth as a well-oiled machine, ensuring
every interaction is meaningful and effortless.

Content Integration
Integrating all content in the Figma designs so we can get approval on a realistic mockup of the final website.
David Laroche est qualifié en 2014 dans la presse comme “prodige de la confiance en soi”.
The development phase
CMS Development
Utilizing robust platforms like Webflow, Wordpress or Shopify, we build your site with the flexibility and scalability to grow alongside your business.

Responsive Design Implementation
Ensuring your site looks great and works flawlessly on any device, from desktops to smartphones.

Ecommerce configuration
Integrating product feeds, setting up payment portals and configuring a seamless shopping experience.

The deployment phase
SEO Optimization
Implementing cutting-edge SEO strategies to boost your site's visibility on search engines, ensuring your audience can easily find you.

Tracking & Analytics
Utilizing analytics and tag managers to track your website's performance, understanding user behavior, and identifying areas for improvement.

Go live & testing
The website finally goes live afterr rigorous testing to iron out any kinks, ensuring your site launches without a hitch.


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