Employer branding for challengers

Growing challenger brands need to acquire new skills while keeping existing talent on board. We help you translate your 'why' into stories and tools inspiring everyone interested in working for your organization.

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Employer brand story

Position your employer brand

Brand activation ideas

A successful challenger strategy requires a specific culture and authentic values reflecting the founder's mentality. In the end, people want to be part of something bigger. We help you create an employer brand that sets itself apart from the competition.

An inspiring brand story

Creative content formats

The core of an employer brand is the ‘why’ of your organization. Once defined, this purpose needs to be brought alive through an inspiring story relevant to everyone in your company. As the war for talent requires a fresh approach, a new story sparks the flame and makes people proud of their jobs.

Employer brand passport

Brand story framework

Corporate values and brand stories tend to lose touch with employees over time. To keep everyone involved we create specific brand passports applied to every function. Such a passport translates the company culture into clear objectives and expectations.

HR campaigns

Recruitment campaign concepts

Content plan

We create creative campaign concepts with the objective of reaching people that are hard to find. Therefore we need to think outside the box and build a campaign that gets noticed and convinces talent to apply for your vacancies.

HR communication plan

Advertising plan

Recruitment en employer branding is not a one-time shot. Just like consumer marketing, it is about creating a funnel of future candidates that we try to get closer to an application. We also want to keep employees in the loop through various channels. With an HR communication plan, we build a roadmap based on your HR goals.

Employer branding platform

Customer journey map

The center of an employer branding strategy is often a dedicated website sharing stories ‘behind the scenes. We build employer brand websites from A to Z, then we help you to create and share stories bringing this platform alive.

Our Approach

We believe in an Intelligent Creativity approach. That’s why we use neuromarketing tools and customer feedback loops testing how well our creatives trigger the desired associations with people.

Step 1

Go-to-market plan

After the foundation is built, we develop a solid go-to-market plan based on your KPI’s, your media budget, and your target persona.

Step 2


Before we launch big, we like to test different angles and see what works best when reaching out to the people in your community.

Step 3

Launch campaign

Now we put your brand on the map by launching an engaging campaign, leading people to your channels, making them connect.

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Congratulations. You have reached the end of our story. Now it’s time for some action. Ready to take your challenger story to the next level?

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We Support The Bold.
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