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Building a successful challenger brand is about much more than inventing a name and creating a logo. A real challenger brand connects with people. Because its identity is built on a deeper cause. And its personality contains human characteristics we can relate to. At Boil®, we help you build such a brand. From defining your brand identity to carefully crafting a personality using shapes, words, colors and fonts.

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The Verbal Brand

The Brand Name

Name & Baseline

Finding a catchy name is key for every brand. It has to be unique while triggering the right associations. A good name truly fits the personality of the brand. Once we formulate the brand strategy, we look for a suitable name that can be trademarked and registered as domain.

The Baseline

Name & Baseline

A baseline describes the unique value proposition of the brand and serves as a conversation starter. Epic baselines strike the right chords and help people relate to your brand story. They also have the ability to reveal the positioning of the brand in just a split second.

The Brand Story


The brand story describes the mission and the purpose of the brand and should be inspirational to both employees and customers. The brand story reveals the reason-of-existence of the brand, the impact it seeks to create and forms the basis for all future brand communications.

The Tone-of-voice

Key Messaging

Defining a tone-of-voice means bringing the brand personality to life when using words. Once we have chosen a brand archetype we can create a suitable tone-of-voice for your brand. By integrating it consistently in all future communications, it becomes recognizable to your audience as well.

The Visual Brand

The Logo

Logo Design

A recognizable logo consists of a word mark and/or a visual mark and connects with the main differentiator of the brand. Strong logos are timeless. During the logo design process we conceptualize the brand strategy forming the basis of a solid brand identity resulting in a style guide document.

The Colors

Identity System

Choosing the right colors can be extremely important when building a personality. Vibrant colors give energy while natural colors give trust. Lying in the shelves, colors make our products better recognizable and help trigger the desired associations. Also they can give extra meaning to a brand making it stand out.

The Fonts

Identity System

There are thousands of fonts out there and every font can give another vibe to a brand. Think of classical fonts versus modern fonts just as an example. A styleguide defines what font to use in titles, subtitles and body copy.

The Key visuals

Identity System

Once all essential brand elements have been created, key visuals bring all elements together, conveying the unique value proposition in a single image. Key visuals can be integrated in every touchpoint, like websites and social media, bringing the brand story and brand personality truly alive.

Our Approach

We believe in an Intelligent Creativity approach. This means we leverage the power of data to boost our creativity.  With neuropositioning and customer feedback loops we are able to explore new concepts much more efficient and test if our creatives are triggering the desired associations.

Step 1

Challenger strategy

A challenger has a purpose going beyond just making money. It wants to create an impact in an industry. Or even in society. The brand identity needs to embody this mission and articulate it both in the visual and verbal brand.

Step 2

Brand archetypes

Wen shaping the personality of a brand, archetypes help establish emotional connections with an audience. As there are 12 archetypes to choose from, finding the right archtetype mix is an important exercise we do during the brand strategy phase.

Step 3

Core brand values

Every brand has a clear set of values clarifying the identity of the brand and serving as a compass for the brand story.  Values help us understand what to expect of the brand and when made relevant to an audience they even become a competitive advantage.

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After defining the verbal and visual characteristics, we start building the most important touchpoints of your challenger brand.

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We Support The Bold.
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