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Businesses evolve, so does your brand. If you are seeking growth into new markets, your brand no longer appeals to the right target audience or your sales have been declining year over year, now is the time to consider a rebranding. Boil® is here to help you become a challenger again. From defining your brand repositioning strategy to doing a full redesign of your brand identity.

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Rebranding Strategy

Rebranding Workshop

Online design

At the start of a rebranding project, we take time to listen to your challenge. Following a strategic framework we uncover the essence of your business. At the end everyone should be aligned on the scope of the rebranding project.

Repositioning Strategy

Pitch deck

A solid rebranding needs a repositioning strategy. What category are we in today and in what direction are we heading? By mapping your competitive landscape we define the category we want to claim.

Brand Essence Model

Photography & video

The brand essence model makes all pieces fall together and creates the foundation of our story. By boiling everything down to its essence we define key messages and key visuals that resonate with your target audience.

Rebranding Design

Logo redesign


The logo redesign process is based on intelligent creativity and takes in account the repositioning strategy and the research we have done so far. This approach leads to a brand design that is memorable for your customers.

Brand Manifesto

POS Material

The verbal brand comes alive in a brand manifesto telling the story about the brand, explaining its core values, its personality, the mission it is taking on and the beliefs of the brand. Based on the manifesto we create several story formats adapted to the needs of every channel.

Brand book

Interior design

Our brand book describes every touchpoint and delivers marketing assets wich can be used in future campaigns. Using the brand book we enable you to build a solid and consistent brand experience on every touchpoint.

Our rebranding

During a rebranding project, we believe in an Intelligent Creativity approach. As the repositioning of a brand  requires installing new associations, we  use neuromarketing tools and customer feedback loops to test how well our creatives trigger the desired associations with people.

Step 1


By uncovering the pains and needs of all your personas we can link them to the benefits of your product.

Step 2


Let's make your brand stand out and define a set of USPs based on your offering.

Step 3

Brand identity

We develop a new brand identity reflecting your story and the new direction you are taking.

Step 4


We create a baseline, tagline and key messages articulating your brand promise.

Step 5


Time to implement your new story in all brand touchpoints. Online and offline.

Step 6


Using neuroscience we validate if the rebranding is triggering the right associations.

Our rebranding

As a rebranding agency, Boil® offers specialized rebranding services to ambitious people aiming for growth. We mainly work for challenger brands such as startups and underdogs. What makes a rebranding project successful? First of all, when every coworker becomes proud to be part of the brand. Second when the brand triggers the right associations with customers. Finally when the repositioning strategy leads to sustainable growth.

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We want to make sure that you are choosing the right rebranding agency. That's why we offer a free 30-minute discovery call where we talk about your challenges and goals and see if we are a good fit.

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We Support The Bold.
The Brave.
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