AI-Powered Audit for Smarter Branding

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We’ll give you the juicy insights you need to take your brand to the next level. You'll discover what really drives consumer behavior and get the edge you need to stand out from the competition.

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Why would I need this audit stuff ...

In case you haven't noticed, we live in a world where consumers have more choices than ever. So, having a strong brand is pretty darn important if you want your business to succeed.

Now, here's the thing: Your brand might be amazing, or it might be a complete disaster. You'll never know for sure unless you have the courage to take an honest look at it.

Let's face it - your brand is like your ex - you're too close to it to see the flaws, and too attached to fix them. But unlike your ex, your brand is actually worth something.

So why not take a brutally honest look at it?

How it works ...

LLet me break it down for you so you can see just how simple and effective our AI-Powered Brand Audit really is.

Enhance your brand's perception and drive consumer behavior in just 3 steps.

1. Introduction

We know you want to skyrocket your brand to success, but we need to get on the same page first. Book a free intro call with our team so we can map out your desired associations and goals.

2. Association AI

Get ready for some real magic, folks! Our Association AI will quickly process your input and our branding experts will prepare a comprehensive audit report that will blow your mind.

3. Brand audit report

Our team will walk you through the comprehensive audit report and equip you with clear-cut action points to enhance your brand's perception and drive consumer behavior.

That's it, my friends. It's that simple.

And here's the best part - we're offering you a free introduction call.
That's right, no strings attached.

Just an opportunity for us to prove our worth, show how our audit works, and help you take your brand to the next level.

Free introduction call

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How long does it take to receive the brand audit report?

Well, here's the deal: it takes two weeks. Just send us two assets from your brand and your main competitor, and we'll run an implicit survey with at least 300 people to gather all the relevant associations.

Our Association AI will do the heavy lifting and provide us with comprehensive insights that we'll compile into an actionable report.

Then, our team will review the report with you and provide clear action points to enhance your brand's perception and drive consumer behavior.

So sit tight and get ready to revolutionize your brand in just two weeks."

How will the brand audit report help my brand?

It can provide valuable insights into how your brand identity is currently perceived , how it compares to competitors, and what can be done to improve its effectiveness in achieving business objectives.

And hey, if you're considering a rebrand, a brand audit is an absolute must. It can help you identify areas where your current messaging or visual identity may be confusing or inconsistent, and find ways to differentiate your brand from competitors.

Our AI-Powered Brand Audit is like a genie in a bottle for your brand. You won't have to rub it, but it'll still grant your wishes. No need to thank us, just book your free introduction call today.

What kind of action points can I expect?

Well, we won't sugarcoat it for you. We'll give it to you straight. You can expect a quick report on your brand's current perception, what associations your assets are evoking, and uncovering those hidden gem associations that drive a whopping 95% of consumer behavior.

We'll even go the extra mile and benchmark your brand against competitors to detect some differentiating potential.

And let's not forget about your desired associations we defined during our introduction call. We'll dive deep into that too and see if your brand identity is triggering them. If it falls short, no worries. We'll give you all the inspiration and guidance you need to optimize your brand identity and get those associations poppin'.

What is the price for the brand audit?

Think about it, you could spend thousands of euros on those archaic research methods like surveys and focus groups, or you could choose our AI-powered brand audit for a fraction of the cost. It's a no-brainer, really.

For just €995, you'll get comprehensive insights into how your brand is perceived and actionable recommendations to improve its effectiveness.

Don't break the bank, break the mold with our affordable brand audit.

P.S. Our AI-Powered Brand Audit is so affordable, you'll have enough money left over to buy yourself a gold-plated pogo stick. Hey, we don't judge.

Let's be real

You've have your doubts because you're scared of what we might find. But trust us, it's better to face the music now than to be stuck in the same rut for years to come.

Think of it like a trip to the dentist - it may not be fun, but it's necessary for your long-term health. And just like the dentist, we promise to make the experience as painless as possible.

So don't be a chicken and book a free introduction call.

Free introduction call

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