Boil® signs US tech startup in the social commerce space

Antwerp, 15 September 22

Boil® has signed a US-based startup working on the future of e-commerce. The project consists of developing the brand strategy, the category design and the brand design.

The creator economy and the world of social commerce are growing at a breakneck pace. Everyday we see new solutions emerging, supporting both creators and brands trying to monetize engagement and drive revenue. The estimated market size of social commerce is around $2 trillion dollar by 2026.

About Boil®

We are a challenger branding agency designed for underdogs and startups. As being both strategic and creative, we craft a unique positioning and boil everything down to its essence. From story to launch. Our way of working does not fit traditional brands. Challengers are driven by purpose and want to have an impact on society. Their mission is what sets them apart leading to new categories within the market. Together we build a new space they can claim and help them gain traction by supporting the go-to-market as fast as possible. Boil has offices in Antwerp and works for underdogs and startups in Europe, US and UAE. Our clients are Sony Music, Reyu, Gutsy, Karamel, Tradiro, Dockmate, …