Boil® signs US tech startup in the social commerce space

Antwerp, 15 September 22
mvment press release
Boil® has signed a US-based startup working on the future of e-commerce. The project consists of developing the brand strategy, the category design and the brand design.

The creator economy and the world of social commerce are growing at a breakneck pace. Every day we see new solutions emerging, supporting both creators and brands trying to monetize engagement and drive revenue. The estimated market size of social commerce is around $2 trillion dollar by 2026.

About Boil®

Boil® is a brand growth agency dedicated to propelling ambitious challenger brands on their journey towards growth.

Fueled by purpose and driven to make an impact, challenger brands distinguish themselves through their unique missions, paving the way for new market categories.

Boil supports these brands by first establishing their positioning, category design, and brand strategy, followed by assisting their go-to-market approach with a tailored digital growth plan and website services.

Based in Europe, Boil serves clients worldwide, including names such as Sony Music, Dingbats, Friesland Campina, Apex, Idalko, dScribe, Nett, and Gutsy, ...
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