Boil and Nett Partner to Empower Businesses with Reliable Green Energy Solutions

Antwerp,  May 22 2023
We're excited to announce our collaboration with Nett, a Belgian green energy developer. This collaboration seeks to provide businesses with economically viable and environmentally responsible green energy solutions, fueling the transition towards a sustainable future.

As businesses grapple with the uncertainties of the energy market, including sudden price fluctuations, changing regulations, and political turmoil, Nett offers a clear and straightforward solution.

The company believes in corporate Power Purchase Agreements (cPPA), allowing businesses to follow their own path independent of the traditional grid. Nett’s smart energy strategy ensures price stability while simultaneously reducing CO2 emissions.

With Nett, small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) don’t have to invest in or manage solar parks. Instead, Nett offers green energy at a fixed rate for 25 years in exchange for the use of rooftop space.

Even businesses without rooftops can benefit, as Nett’s platform connects them with other entrepreneurs who can supply green energy.

Each new contract results in the construction of a new solar park in Belgium, eliminating the need to juggle emissions rights.

Nett’s brand manifesto, “Change Starts with Us,” embodies its commitment to green energy not just as an option for a better world, but also as a growth opportunity for businesses.

The company believes in seizing the uncertainties and taking charge of the green energy transition.

“We are thrilled to partner with Boil, a brand growth agency that aligns with our mission of driving the transition to green energy and fostering collaboration among entrepreneurs,” said Arthur Despiegelaere, CEO of Nett.

“Together, we will empower businesses to make the shift to sustainable practices with confidence and ease.

About Nett

Nett is a Belgian green energy developer committed to providing SMEs with reliable, affordable green energy solutions. By offering fixed-rate green energy and promoting collaboration among entrepreneurs, Nett aims to accelerate the transition to a sustainable economy.

Through innovative approaches like cPPA, Nett empowers businesses to embrace green energy and contribute to a better future for all.

About Boil®

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Based in Europe, Boil serves clients worldwide, including names such as Sony Music, Dingbats, Friesland Campina, Apex, Idalko, dScribe, Nett, and Gutsy, ...
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