Being a challenger does work

July 25, 2022
Being a challenger does work

Being a challenger brand is about offering people a better future. They may be aware of an issue, or they may not realize there's an issue at all.

Either way, you can present them with a solution that they might not have considered...

How many things do you use/enjoy today that improve your life/work/play and did not exist in any meaningful way 10 years ago?

Here’s a quick list of billion-dollar companies that didn’t exist a decade ago:

➔ Netflix
➔ Stripe
➔ Coinbase
➔ Bird
➔ Warby Parker
➔ Snap Inc.
➔ Pinterest
➔ Slack
➔ Instacart

None of these companies created a “better” product or brand.

They created a DIFFERENT product and net-new category out of thin air.

And so when people say “being a challenger does not work,” remove all the challengers from your monthly credit card statement (no Amazon, no iPhone, no Netflix, no Uber), and pretty soon, you’ll be right back to the beginning of human civilization.

Being a challenger does work. It works every single day. And you, as a consumer, prove that it works based on your spending habits.

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