3 reasons why category design is the winning strategy.

25 March 2023

Today you'll discover 3 reasons why category design is the winning strategy.

So, what are the benefits of category design in marketing?

You've seen a couple already, but let’s explore the real value of category design in more detail.

Here are several big advantages of this innovative business strategy:

You Understand the Game

Think about traditional marketing for a moment.

Whatever space you're in, you're likely learning from and following in the footsteps of existing brands.

As such, you didn't design this space. It's not yours so, in effect, you are just a game player, rather than a game changer or innovator.

By using category design in marketing, you design your own space – and the crucial aspect is that you understand it better than anybody.

This tactic enables you to attract the perfect audience and get to know your customers before anybody else has a chance.

You Become the Category King/Queen

Studies show that category leaders who “create a new category typically capture 76% of the total category market capitalization.”

This strategy amounts to a winner-takes-all scenario, where the creator of any new market is usually the one who profits most.

You Attract New Audiences

Today, you can see many category design examples at play, with digital giants like Uber, Airbnb, Amazon and Apple all holding the torch in their respective industries.

"The one thing that these companies have in common is that they presented consumers with a new solution that they didn’t even know they needed.

"Category design makes consumers see markets in a new light, viewing the older, traditional solutions as outdated, inefficient or troublesome.

By offering people a new way of doing things, you're solving problems that they didn’t know they had – and thus creating loyal product believers and brand ambassadors.

Apple, of course, not only mastered this idea, but created an entire mantra around it with their “Think different” logo, changing how people saw the world, themselves and their needs.

But it's not all sunshine and rainbows.

Discover 3 drawbacks of category design
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