The ultimate
startup branding
launch formula

Three Secrets: How Every Startup Can Launch
A Differentiated Brand In Just 6 Weeks,
Even Without Funding

Read this first...

the claim

Creating a new category is key to success when growing a startup in 2022. This ultimate differentiation strategy is attainable only by following the Startup Branding Formula we are about to share with you.

Ready to claim your new category?

The top three reasons why


They ran out of cash and failed to raise new capital in time.
There was no market need for their product or service offering
They got outcompeted by stronger brands dominating the market

the problem...

your startup


Are you overwhelmed when implementing all the marketing tips out there? Define your primary audience. Design a beautiful logo. Develop a converting website. Launch a social media content plan. Engage in growth hacking campaigns ...

While having too many things on your plate, you wonder how to set your startup brand apart. What would make people prefer us above the competition? You invest time, resources, and money, and when it’s not working, you try something else and hope for the best...

Which means ...

you will run
out of cash

As a startup, you need to get your cash flow running and generate some revenue. But without a crystal clear statement on what problem you are solving, for which audience, and what solution you are providing them with, you aren’t going to get a lot of traction.

You will continue to spend money on broad ad campaigns targeting anyone, hoping for some attention. Usually, when that doesn't happen, your race to the bottom starts: you start lowering prices until there is nothing left to squeeze. When results stay absent, you then start to copycat your competitors. Whatever makes them successful should help us grow too, right?

Finally, your margins end up razor-thin, and your marketing budgets consume all of your money...

The problem
Is not you

The real problem is the way the industry has forced you to think. For decades agencies have been using the same principles in selling products and services to consumers. The BIG difference today is that the market has never been more crowded. To stay ahead you have to start thinking differently.  

Let us show you how.

how can you fix this?

three secrets
to a winning
startup brand

Stop trying to be better...

Start Being

Most startups try to be a little better than others,  meaning they are playing someone else’s game by someone else’s rules – fighting for market share.

In today’s winner-take-all digital economy, brands creating a new business category will dominate. If you don't differentiate your brand you will soon become irrelevant.

Find new ways of thinking. Find new ways of doing things. Create your own rules. Own them.

Many great companies did exactly this. Think of Amazon, Facebook, VMware, Airbnb or Apple. They all approached things differently.

Stop following others

adopt a

Yesterday's thinking and today's ways of doing are the things holding you back from creating a better world. A challenger brand wants to create an impact in society by creating a superior product, a more human brand or by changing questionable practices in its industry.

The truth is you will never be able to offer something fundamentally different if all you do is replicate. Envision new ways of living, thinking and doing business. Offer the solution to a problem people didn’t realize they had or didn’t pay attention to before. Because they never saw another way.

Challenge the way things are done today.

Stop doing traditional marketing

you need a

Stop paying huge salaries to your army of marketing experts. This army isn't winning the war for you.

They’re far too busy making sense out of their analytics dashboards and believe the solution to a significant revenue increase lies in building more campaigns rather than questioning the brands' positioning.

We can tell you: the future of marketing won't be about big, costly campaigns.  It's about category design - the only way to dominate a new market and generate a giant payoff.

Hint: category design is about a lot more than the redesign of your brand and its products.
We support the bold.
The brave.
The challengers.
The underdogs.
We support the bold.
The brave.


Most traditional marketing agencies specialize in one area of business, such as "social media strategy," or "advertising," and don’t help you create a holistic brand strategy.

We developed a unique four-step brand essence model (TBE Model) that will help you define, develop, and dominate a new category of business—and go-to-market fast!

Identify the Problem

The first step to successful category design is articulating the problem, uncovering relevant market insights and describing what technology can lead to a meaningful solution. During the Category Design Workshop we challenge your project and help you structure your input.

Define the Category

Defining the name of the category is a big step in making the world understand the problem you are solving. The category name is often comprised of the market type, the nature of the problem and the audience experiencing the problem your are solving.

The Category Blueprint

You need a visual blueprint to communicate your category vision. A good blueprint will map out the people, processes, and products required to fulfill the potential of your category. A good blueprint represents both your MVP  as your future solution.

The Point of View

The next step is developing a powerful point of view (POV). Your POV frames the category problem, explains the consequence for not solving the problem, presents your vision for the future and declares your unique answer to the problem.

The look and feel

Now that we have defined the playing field and our messaging framework for every audience, we design all touchpoints for your brand. By using a proven validation process we don't just operate on gut feeling but touch base with customers as early as possible.

The Launch

Once we've assembled all brand essentials, it's time to release your brand to an audience that's hungry for something different. By stepping of the beaten path, we will get their attention and make sure people will join our brand instead of just buying it. 
Week 1-2
The problem, solution & POV
Week 2-3
The messaging & look and feel
Week 3-5
The touchpoints 
& marketing plan
Week 5-6
The big launch


A “crystal clear” brand essence
that articulates what your brand stands for so you don’t have to look for the right words every time you pitch your startup.
A “white-Space” positioning
that differentiates your brand against competitors, so you can easily explain to people why they should get involved with your brand.
A “bullet-Proof” marketing plan
that makes it tangible on how to reach your goals and describes exactly how much money you need to get to the next milestone.
Branding Agency Antwerpen

We don’t work for traditional brands ...

we work for

Why? Because  our way of working does not fit traditional brands. No matter how much money you spend you will never get traction you need when competing in existing markets, because there is always a market leader dominating this space.

Challengers, on the other hand, are driven by purpose and want to have an impact on society. Their mission is what sets them apart and enables them to create a new category within the market. A space they can claim and get traction really fast.

It won't take forever

It takes us
6 weeks

We will help you define, develop and dominate a new category of business. Our work is deep and meaningful, and includes brainstorming, interviews, research, creative development and psychoanalysis. It will change the way you think.

It won’t be easy—it will be hard and fast. You’ll have to take risks, and you’ll need to make bold decisions, but if you are a true risk-taker, you won’t let this stop you.

Not just gut feeling but...


You want to go fast, so we're not just relying on gut instinct. We use artificial intelligence, psychological models, and customer testing to validate our assumptions. You will be introduced to a proven methodology having a clear timeline. You will exactly know what to expect and you will get involved in every step of the process.
I want to use this formula!


Strategy. Naming. Identity
REYU wanted to enter the beauty treatments market with a completely new kind of treatment. The founder behind the brand has worked in the beauty industry for over 30 years and knows every flaws of this industry. He joined forces with engineers to develop the REYU device that restores your natural beauty using a biofeedback loop. Non-invasive, 100% natural and 100% effective. There are already hundreds of therapists who want to join REYU. He combines a differentiating product with a new business model—leasing the device instead of selling it—and takes over their marketing as well!
Check out the case
Strategy. Naming. Identity
Gutsy wanted to create a unique market position by entering the pet food industry with a differentiated product. The existing market consisted of traditional pet food and insect-based pet food. So we created a new category of hybrid pet food, part insect, part chicken. This new type of product appealed to customers seeking an adventurous identity, who also loved nature. We recently received 150k to invest in new products like snacks.
Check out the case


What's next

Congratulations. You have reached the end of our manifesto.
Now you have three options
You don’t take action
And continue to have a me-too brand that does not stand out in the market and keep investing money in things that do not work.
You try to do this yourself
If you’re willing to work hard and spend hours in front of your computer, you might be able to pull it off.
Let us work our magic
And finally, have clarity around your brand, a strong positioning, and a solid marketing plan.
Remember we ONLY want to work with real challengers. It won’t be easy—it will be hard and fast. You’ll have to take risks, and you’ll need to make bold decisions, but if you are a true risk-taker, you won’t let this stop you.
We support the bold.
The brave.
The challengers.
The underdogs.
We support the bold.
The brave.