Personal Branding For Challengers

Your personal brand does more than just portraying a persona. It can inspire and truly set you apart from the crowd. You are driven by values and we can help you transform them into a message that resonates. At Boil® we strive to portray your essence. From methodically creating a brand identity to showcasing your personality through color, content and aesthetics.

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The Persona Behind The Brand


Brand activation ideas

By consistently presenting a clear and cohesive personal brand identity, entertainers can build a loyal following and command higher booking fees. A well-crafted personal brand generates opportunities and sends out the message of being in demand.


Creative content formats

A strong personal brand for entrepreneurs has a range of benefits. It attracts investments, asserts credibility and makes it easier to recruit top talent. Choosing the right partnership in creating your brand image may be one of the most important decisions for any aspiring business owner.


Brand story framework

Personal branding is instrumental in the career advancement of any professional who wants to establish themselves as an expert in their field. Consultants and freelancers need a consistent message to build trust with potential clients and set themselves apart from competitors in an overly saturated market.

Content Creators

Brand story framework

For influencers and content creators to succeed means to attract an audience and build a fanbase. Personal branding, done right, not only appeals to the viewers, but inspires loyalty and trust boosting engagement.

The Visual Personal Brand

The Logo

Content plan

As the graphic embodiment of your name and the identity of your personal brand its main task is to be recognizable. In the logo design process we conceptualise the brand strategy forming the basis of your brand identity resulting in a style guide document.

The Colors

Advertising plan

Selecting the optimal colours suitable for your industry and image, is essential to building a memorable brand personality. They have the power to evoke associations and trigger emotions. They can attract or push away when used incorrectly.

The Fonts

Customer journey map

There is no shortage of fonts and we are here to help pick the one that complements you. It can convey the chosen vibe for your personal brand and have a significant impact on its personality and feel. Modern, traditional, sophisticated or fun, a font sends a clear message of who you are before the reader has even completed reading a sentence.

Key Visuals

Customer journey map

Once all essential brand elements have been created, key visuals bring them all together. They convey the unique value proposition in a single image. Integrated in every touchpoint, like websites and social media, they bring the brand story and brand personality truly alive.

The Online Touchpoints

Personal Websites

An immersive experience that contains the entire scope of your narrative. Here we intertwine the brand story with your talents, expertise and accomplishments making sure your website communicates the desired messages and detailed information about you.

Social Videos

Every personal brand should have a video strategy in place. Nowadays short form videos work extremely well and are integral to building engaging experiences on social media. Establish your expertise with explainer videos, how-tos, DIY content, lifestyle videos, behind-the-scenes, vlogs, talking head content, the possibilities are endless.

Animation Videos

Animation videos can effectively replace a pitch deck and present a creative solution when pitching your services to your audience. In the span of less than 2 min animation opens a world of imagination and is often the cheaper alternative to shooting videos.

The Offline Touchpoints

Pitch Decks

Most slides miss the mark visually. An overload of bullets makes them feel too cluttered, evoking the opposite of the desired effect. To enhance the experience, you really need a pitch deck that engages viewers while communicating your brand. We build a narrative and add key slides focusing on the visual appeal of the final result


When it comes to personal branding, stock imagery just won’t do. A photoshoot is a necessary part of improving your visibility. Show images of yourself performing,during public engagements or simply working on projects. Being favourably displayed in action does wonders for establishing credibility.

Personal Merchandise

Used as a way to connect with your audience, personal merchandise can be a gift that keeps on giving. Think clothing, accessories, souvenirs or corporate gifts branded with your name, logo or image that reflect your recognizable style.


We design displays, posters, promotional materials or any other print material you may require. Our agency integrates your concepts and coordinates closely with top-tier print shops to achieve the results you’re looking for. We also help our clients with the integration of the new branding in their space, be it a stage, a storefront or an office. From adding decorative elements to rethinking the overall concept.

Our Approach

Your unique combination of skills and experiences can inspire loyalty and positive associations. We partner with you in making your brand a living, breathing entity that your audience can relate to and connect with emotionally. 

Step 1

Workshop get to know your personal story

Working closely with you during this important stage allows us to gather insight into what sets you apart from everyone else and identify your goals. A thorough analysis of your existing marketing materials helps us understand your message and embark on a journey of enhancing it. 

Step 2

Define the brand story

With all the valuable insight on hand, we craft a clear and compelling personal brand story that resonates with your audience. Part of that step is the creation of a visual identity: Developing a logo and other visual elements that reflect your unique persona within the competitive landscape of your industry.

Step 3

Bring everything to life

Be it by creating branded materials, merchandise, signage or the various channels within your digital presence, you are supported through your entire marketing adventure.

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Congratulations. You have reached the end of our story. Now it’s time for some action. Ready to take your challenger story to the next level?

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